Monday, October 11, 2010

PR beat

(Mr. Freeman, Miss Avery, Master Elliot, and Hammock 3)
I decided why hammocks are so appealing to my Andrew Dear. It's because they are extremely cozy. Coziness is his purpose in life. I've mentioned it before.
Miss Avery did a good job making a mess during Sunday dinner and I didn't even care.
(Me exhausted looking my worst after a tough workout tonight. I'm not even wearing my cute earrings I always wear because they were recently lost. Bummer!)
So tonight I beat a personal record (PR). I biked 10 miles, my farthest distance ever, which is now tied to my running PR. Not only did I bike 10 miles tonight but I it was immediately followed by a three mile run. I'm training for my first triathlon next month. Now I just need to tack on another 1/4 mile swim and I'm good to go. Did I mention I haven't swam in two months? Well I better start soon. Either way tonights workout was a good hour + spent. Must.get.faster.and.start.swimming!

That's all!

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