Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My little joy named Avery Bug

My little Avery Bug is such a joy in my life. She's such a funny little girl. She definitely has a mind of her own but then again, so do I! Tomorrow is her 18 month check up and I look forward to seeing how it goes. Six months ago she was 3 percentile weight and 50 percentile height. I know she's grown in height in the past six months but I'm not sure she's gained enough weight so I've put her on a fat diet the last few weeks. Not really a fat diet but I just have her drink milk instead of water all the time and I feed her until she refuses to eat anymore. Despite all of this she has lost one pound, but her cheeks got rounder! I feel I have tried my best so I guess I'll stop worrying since she's as healthy as can be, apart from the cold she recently caught. Anyone have tips on fattening up an 18 month old in a healthy way?
In conjunction of What are You Wearing Wednesday, here are the details on her little outfit.
dress: made by ME! The fabric was given to me by my sister-in-law, Kristy, and the purple fabric is vintage. I'm getting better at sewing, have you noticed?
leggings: Walmart, recent purchase
shoes: thrifted, Old Navy
bracelet: made by me
necklace: Mervyns (forever ago) I forgot I had it until Miss Avery went through my jewelery and found it and kept putting it on.

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