Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cupcake Taste Tester

I wrote on this blog that my sister, Julie, deserved three Sprinkles cupcakes for saying that I looked like Zooey Deschanel. Truthfully it was an ungrounded statement because at the time I had never had a Sprinkles cupcake.
Then a little peep said this:
"And by the way...sprinkles cupcakes taste like poo next to SugarMama's cupcakes! if you havent tried one you are truly missing out!!!There store is just around the corner in the old mervyns building...try it!"
Guilt overcame me and I had to give both of them a try. It was fun being a food taster. You should try it!

At Sugar Mama's Sweets we tried coconut, red velvet, andes mint, and vanilla.

At Sprinkles we had carrot, coconut, dark chocolate, and chocolate marshmallow.

Now I can think of two reasons I'm not a professional taste tester!
1. I would get fat eating yummy, yummy food.
2. I'm not a good judge on determining what was better.
I think I liked Sprinkles slightly better. I mean, they've been around a lot longer so they've had more time to perfect their recipes. Plus they had cool stickers. I enjoyed each of the cupcakes we got and only regretted not getting the Sprinkles cinnamon one because cinnamon is the BOMB! Sugar Mama's Sweets were really good too but I prefer not to have chocolate chips in my red velvet cupcake. I think Sugar Mama's Sweets' best thing going for them is that they sell more than just cupcakes. I really look forward to trying some of their other goods like the chocolate dipped oreos, Rocky Road brownies, or chocolate dipped pretzels. Try both stores and see what you prefer, or if you have already tell me your favorite cupcake at each so I can try them!

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