Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For love of Tchaikovsky

During a very special time in my life I got better acquainted with Tchaikovsky, who happens to be one of my favorite composers of all times. The other day I was in the car listening to the classical station and Tchaikovsky Symphony 5 came on. I was brought back to when I played it in NAU Symphony as principal violist. As I was listening tears threatened to poor out of my eyes. I have so many good memories of those days. Do you even wish you could go back to a certain time and really live and appreciate how good it was? Those were also the days when Mr. Freeman and I started dating. Well, I thought I would share with you the music that means so much to me.

This happens to be only half of the first movement, so if you have a lot of time go to YouTube and look up the rest of the symphony because it's amazing. I know, you're thinking I'm a nerdy musician, but I don't care.

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