Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Arizona weather

I haven't been on the computer at all for over 48 hours and it feels good. Must. do. it. more. often!

I enjoyed the rain immensely today. Tonight, on my way to orchestra, I put on a long-sleeved cardigan and rolled down the windows so I could smell the rain and feel the cool, fresh air. Another reason I rolled the windows down was so I could feel the need of the cardigan while looking forward to cooler days ahead. When I stepped out of the car I realized I still had flip flops on and said to myself "Nice one, Marilyn. You'll always be an Arizona girl at heart." To me the flip flops were a reminder that the girl may leave the desert (like when I lived in England) but the desert never leaves the girl.
Humor me with your attention while I share some photos of today's crazy weather. This branch just snapped off in the wind and fell between mine and my neighbor's yard. Yea! More wood for our fire pit out back!
Yes, I still have my christmas door mat, and yes, I've been using the same one since I got it two years ago, but check out the hail!
I couldn't believe how fast the sun came out and how fast the flooded roads were cleared. Only in Arizona! Couldn't have been a more perfect day.

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