Saturday, October 9, 2010


(Master Elliot in Mr. Freeman's 3rd hammock)
Do you go through phases? You know, where you just want to cook with chicken every night or you want to watch all the Harry Potter movies and read all the books back to back or you go to the same restaurant frequently over a short period of time. I think we all do a bit but I tease Mr. Freeman about his phases because he's learns everything he can about his "phase" and wants to share his knowledge with everyone. Today he made his second hammock in the past couple weeks and he also ordered one online a couple weeks ago. I ask why so many and he says they're all so different. He even went so far as to join a hammock forum. Gotta love his enthusiasm. The thing is, with a phase that's all it is. Temporary. In another month or so it will be something different. Thank goodness. I always tell Mr. Freeman when he thinks I'm getting bored with whatever his current interest is "Better hammocks than guns or something more expensive.) What are some phases you've been through?

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