Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not sure how it works but I truly love Zara more and more every day!  I am obsessed!
Zara is almost 10 weeks old.
She just had her two month check up and here's the update:
: : weight: 11.4 lbs (80 percentile)
: : length: 23 1/2" (50 percentile)
I'm so proud of my little baby.  Andrew wanted a staunchy baby this time and he got it.  Zara seems to be bigger than Elliot and Avery were at this age.  She even has that adorable wrist crease.

Avery had her 3 year check up and her stats are as follows:
: : weight: 26 lbs. (3 percentile)
: : height: 36" (25 percentile)
I love how Avery just follows her own growth chart - so petite!  I'm thinking Zara will surpass Avery in height (and possibly me too) someday.

In other news:
: : Andrew just left for Las Vegas today for work and won't be back until Sunday night.  Boo hoo!
: : Went to Ruth's last choir concert and sang Lonesome Road as alumni.  She's the last Stapley to graduate!
: : I made some amazing vegan banana bread.  Fat free, sugar free, gluten free, dairy free and delicious!
: : We started swimming.  Feeling a little busty but proud to fit a swimming suit!
: : Still potty training Avery.  Been a little rocky but mostly good.  Much faster than Elliot!
: : Been doing a lot of reading over here!  This was the most recent.
: : Ran 2 miles!  Slowly building my endurance!  I also biked 4 1/2 miles. (Triathlon on my mind.)

Happy May!

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  1. What a cutie! She's an adorable baby. And your hair looks amazing. So jealous.