Friday, May 25, 2012

Westwood class of 2012

In the bottom right picture Ruth twirled after they called her name.  So cute!
My baby sister, Ruth, graduated from Westwood last night!  This is a big deal for the whole family because she's now the eighth sibling to graduate from there, plus both our parents are WW alumni.  I think it's awesome that Ruth graduated the year of WW's 50th anniversary.  
My parents were honored to sit on the field since they had five or more WW graduates.
This is a special moment where Ruth is wearing her heart on her sleeve.
Most of the family was sitting together and were calling her name as she walked to her seat.
You can see she feels loved and happy to see so much family support.
It's hard to believe after 18 years my mom won't have to drive anyone else to Westwood anymore.

"Tear 'em up Westwood!"

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