Sunday, May 20, 2012

the reason for our Colorado trip . . .

It's already been a week since Andrew graduated but it's still settling in.
It's wonderful being able to plan things for Saturday
and weeks nights now that Andrew doesn't have homework!  
I'm so proud of him right now.
The campus was beautiful and reminded us a little bit of NAU and all the fun times we had there.
We tried to imagine what it would have been like to live in Fort Collins while he attended school on campus but we just couldn't.  We're glad he did CSU.  Doing the online course was the right way for us.

I was excited to whip out my nice big lens for these pictures.
Glad I couldn't capture the moment on film.
I loved hearing his name: "Andrew Francis Freeman".  Yep.  That's my grad husband!
Having attended both Andrew's graduations we agreed the one in England was much better.
Much more pomp and circumstance,
although the undergrads were kind enough to provide a ball for entertainment.

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