Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Denver Zoo

I was excited to go to the Denver Zoo because I thought it would have a lot of different animals and birds the Phoenix Zoo and I was right.  There were some animals I didn't recognize altogether.  Somehow Andrew has never been to the Phoenix Zoo so he had nothing to compare it to but we both had an enjoyable time.  Andrew saw a Rhino for the first time!
There were so many amazing exhotic birds.  I love the feathers on the birds on the bottom right.  So fluffy!
Does anyone know what that animal is on the bottom right?  It has little horns.
The big primates were Andrew's favorites.
He also loved the big bears.  My favorite were the flamingos.  Such pretty colors!
Wish we could have stayed there longer but we seemed to have come during an off-season because many of the animals weren't even in their homes.  It also kept raining and was a little too cold for Zara.  Going to the Denver Zoo made me want to visit the Phoenix Zoo again.  What are your favorite animals?

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