Saturday, May 26, 2012

N & G one year

Somehow a year has already come and gone since Nora and Garrett got married.
While taking these pictures I couldn't help but remember where I was in my life when Andrew and I reached our one year wedding anniversary.  We were living in England, pregnant with Elliot, most likely hanging out with our good friends, Michelle and Riley Weber, who happened to be studying abroad at Hull University but both from Mesa.  Those were some really hard but good times.  I missed home but the Webers helped with that.  We went on day trips with them and had a lot of fun.
It's funny that when you reach the one year mark it seems like such a long time but then couples married much longer just chuckle when you mention that.  A lot happens in that first year as you get to learn what it's like to be married to someone and live together and figure out how to compromise and be patient in ways you've never had to before.  It's also a very special time where you're very much in love and smitten by your spouse.  I have enjoyed watching Nora and Garrett go through this learning process.
In reality, the learning never ends.
Which one is your favorite picture?
I really like the third one but the last one is so romantic.

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