Monday, May 21, 2012

Butterfly Pavilion

Ever been to a butterfly pavilion before?
I've been wanting to go to one ever since I read about Fancy Nancy going.  (I love those books!)
We went in Denver and I fell in love.
So many pretty butterflies and gorgeous flowers everywhere!
I had to keep fighting the urge to sit down and read a book.
Wouldn't it be so cool to have a conservatory like this filled with lush plants, exotic blossoms, butterflies fluttering, perfect temperature, book shelves and some comfy chairs.  Some day . . .
I kept trying to get the butterflies to land on me
like I saw them do to so many other people there but they didn't.
Inside the museum there were spiders, grasshoppers, fish, starfish, and other cool things on exhibit.
I wish Elliot and Avery could have been there. They would have loved it!
Zara, on the other hand, wasn't too happy to be there.

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