Sunday, May 27, 2012

Denver Colorado Temple

My mom has a list of all the temples everyone in my family have visited (seeing from freeway doesn't count) and have done temple work in.  There have been only two temples I've done temple work in and they were the temples I lived near; the Mesa Arizona Temple and Preston England Temple.  Those two temples will always have a special place in my heart.
I love Zara's face here!
Let's see if I can remember all the temples I've visited the grounds:
:: Mesa Arizona
:: Snowflake Arizona
:: Preston England
:: Fresno California
:: Oakland California
:: Provo Utah
:: Salt Lake Utah
:: Orlando Florida
:: Denver Colorado
I don't plan on visiting all the temples in the world but I think it would be neat to dedicate a wall in my house to frame pictures of temples my little family have been to.  What temples have you been to?  Any favorites?


  1. I snag a temple schedule from each temple I do a session in. I have a grand plan to make a picture mat once I collect enough :)

    Gorgeous photos! Did you have someone take them or did you play with the timer?

  2. That's a good idea! I wish we could have done a session in this temple but it wasn't possible with Zara. I took advantage of my tripod for these pictures.

  3. Mike and I have been through the following temples (in order): Snowflake, St George, San Diego, Albuquerque, Mesa, Salt Lake, Idaho Falls, Boston, Manhattan, Palmyra and Las Vegas. Mike has gone through Provo while I only toured the grounds, the stinker.
    Each temple has something special about it, but my favorites to reflect on are the Manhattan and Palmyra. Palmyra is amazing, it is a little smaller than Snowflake, but all the outside windows have a grove design on them, so it draws the comparison that the temple is like a Sacred Grove. Joesph Smith had the fist vision in that grove (literally across the street), Heavenly Father and Christ appeared and conversed with him. In the temple we meet with our Heavenly Father and Savior and also converse with them. All very beautiful.
    Manhattan is neat because you go from the bustle of the streets and enter its building and it is such a stark contrast. It is so peaceful and clean. One of the most beautiful interiors I have ever seen!
    Boston is great too, it had to be- it was the 100th temple! It has the Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil theme running through out the temple.

    I could go on and on!

    My friend actually named her son Preston after the Preston temple. She is from Scotland, and she is one of my favorite people, ever.