Friday, April 22, 2011

third day of vacation: Magic Kingdom

Officially we have been back from our Florida trip for 24 hours
but I have to take the time to post some of the photos I took.
Expect more in the next few days to come.

Day 3 consisted of Disney World Magic Kingdom.
Don't be too surprised to hear that it was Andrew's 5th or 6th
time at Disney World when it was my first.
A little odd considering I'm the American!
I have gone to CA Disneyland multiple times though.

It's hard to say how much Elliot and Avery will remember
as they grow up but we had a lot of fun.

They didn't really know what Disney was
but they made some great memories
so next time they'll really look forward to it - kind of like Christmas.

That reminds me - the other day Elliot was singing
a Christmas song and Andrew said how he
shouldn't sing it until Christmas next year
and Elliot couldn't believe Christmas was next year too.

Avery absolutely loved that little bubble gun.
It's a keeper!
Elliot missed the parade since he was with Andrew
meeting Mickey Mouse but Avery saw it and
you can see in her face that she didn't know what to think.

Against Andrew's wished we went on It's a Small World.
Fortunately, the song wasn't as bad as he remembered.
It's a classic Disney ride so I was not about to deprive my children from it.

We went to Magic Kingdom on the train so we left on the boat.
The train and the boat were Elliot's
favorite parts of the day and they weren't
even park rides. Ha ha!

After putting the kiddos to sleep we were able to
go back and catch a few rides.
We wore the 3-D glasses for Philharmagic.
I absolutely loved it!
Too bad CA Disneyland doesn't have it.
We were able to catch the end of the lights parade
and purchase an umbrella for Claire and Avery -
a Freeman family tradition.

I only wish we had more time to spend.
One day just isn't enough.

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