Sunday, May 8, 2011

4th and 5th day of vacation: Sea World and Orlando Temple

Life has been very busy
(and that's an understatement)
but good.

I love being busy going on family vacations,
spending time with my new niece,
doing another triathlon,
making Easter memories,
visiting a new state (Texas),
helping out at my sister's bridal shower,
performing in my orchestra concert.

Those are the main high lights of the last few weeks.
More about some of those things later.
For now, here are some more vacation photos.

For the fourth day of vacation we went to Sea World again.

We saw three shows as well as many other attractions.
We all saw many animals and things we had never seen before.
I got to touch a sting ray,
Elliot and Avery got to meet and hug Elmo,
we saw sharks, flamingos, penguins, aligators, turtles, and more.
It was amazing!
After everything we had a lovely swim in our back yard.
Elliot has gotten so confident in the water, thanks to Rich.
* *

On Sunday after church we visited the Orlando, Florida Temple.
My mom keeps track of which temples
all her children and grandchildren have been to and/or done temple work in
and I have been to the least out of all her children.
It's nice to add another one on the list.

There was no visitor's center so there wasn't
much to do but walk around and take pictures
so that's just what we did.
What better place to take pictures of your family
than at a temple?

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