Saturday, May 21, 2011

N & G wedding {part 2}

Out of 7 weddings in my family (including mine)
this was one of my favorite.
I felt pretty, the back yard was beautiful,
and I was surrounded by family and friends.
Aren't weddings wonderful?

This is my favorite picture of my parents.
I love how my mom is helping my dad
with his boutonniere just like my mom
helped me with my high school date's.
Diana was such a sweet maid of honor
and she looks fabulous in orange,
which happens to be her favorite color.
Here's the best man.
Nora has nannied Jenee and Ivan Prince's kids for 6 years.
She refers to them as "her kids".
Jenee was a big part of the wedding reception.
[On a side note I did Nora's hair for the reception.
I was so worried it wouldn't turn out
but she looks beautiful no matter what.]
Doesn't Julie look fabulous
just 3 weeks after delivery?
I wish I took more pictures of the actual reception
but here are some photos of my friends.
[The Webers on the left, Reachel in the middle, Julie and Jonny on the right.]
Considering Nora loves ice cream so much, the sundae bar was perfect.
The bride and groom left in style.
[the end]

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  1. Nora has babysat and nannied for the Prince family for eight years. She began when she was 12 and is now 20. She is an honorary Prince! ;0]

    Didn't everyone look amazing?
    The decorations were fantastic!
    What a wonderful day.
    We are so blessed!