Sunday, May 8, 2011

6th, 7th, and 8th days of Florida. the end.

Here it is! The final three days of our fabulous Florida trip.

On Monday went to Epcot and we went for
a swim in the afternoon before
heading over to down town Disney at night.
Epcot was great but I feel like we
hardly had time to see anything.

Something memorable we did was
have fish and chips in "England".
I also got a lovely burn on my back.
Elliot and Avery met Daisy Duck,
Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and Stitch .
Good times, good times.
* *

Day seven we went to Aquatica,
a water park owned my Sea World
and then we went into Orlando
and took some old time photos and went out to eat.
I picked up a magnet for our fridge.
Does anyone else do that?
* *

On our last day there were two places near the villa
Andrew and I had to go to before heading home.

I wanted to try some Goats Milk fudge
from a small family owned shop
and Andrew wanted to get a pasty
at a British pastry shop.
We couldn't go home until we saw my brand new niece.
Josie Eleanor Manning was born while we were in Florida.
She was one week early.
Such a darling little girl!

Florida is an amazing place for a family vacation,
although a little humid.
Andrew's auntie Di is talking about
buying a house there
for us to vacation every now and again.
Now that would be ideal!

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  1. I collect a magnet from everywhere I go too! It looks like Florida was a blast!

    My fav pic is Andrew in the mad hatter hat.