Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bachelorette party

Before I jump into wedding photos
I needed to share these ones.

Nora had a fabulous bachelorette party
2 nights before the big day at Applebees.

{ the group }
There was gift opening, words of wisdom, singing, and lots of laughs!
I think Nora had a really fun time.
* *
I was able to snap a few shots of her dress the morning of the big day.
Nora was married in the Mesa Arizona Temple
and my mom accidentally grabbed Julie's wedding dress instead of Nora's.
Ooops! Good thing they checked when they got there
so we were able to make a quick switch.
The question is: why isn't Julie's dress at her house?

I just love the simple elegance of her gown.
It's so Nora.
Can you believe she bought it sleeveless?
Yea, someone added sleeves to it.
* *
I had to share these pictures of me
and my precious little niece, Josie.
What a little sweet heart.

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