Sunday, April 17, 2011

second day of vacation: {continued}

I wanted to take some time to sort of
scrapbook these pictures while I had a chance.
We had a blast at SeaWorld.
It was a great way to spend our anniversary
and Avery's birthday.
Elliot got to experience his first roller coaster
and Avery her first ride - the teacups.
They both thoroughly enjoyed it!
Below was the famous Shamu show.
It's amazing how intelligent killer whales are.
We sat in the "splash" seats so we got a little wet.
The best way to cool down after walking
all over SeaWorld was to swim.
Good thing we have a pool in the backyard!
Rich taught Elliot how to swim.
It's a big deal because he used to not even get in the
water and now he's swimming unaccompanied and he loves it!
In celebration on our 5 years together
Andrew and I went out for dinner.
Unfortunately, there weren't many resturants
where we stayed so we had to settle
for Cracker Barrel. We both have bad memories
there but this dinner made up for it a little.
Dinner became a wonderful end
to a wonderful day.

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