Friday, June 10, 2011

goals and games

I've been looking through some pictures from the
first couple years of our marriage when we lived in England
so I thought I'd share some.
(smooching at Whitby Abbey, England 2007)

I tend to be goal-driven and Andrew is very competitive.
Just to make life interesting we've been trying some different things lately.

1. One vegetarian month.
2. Our very own biggest loser - just Andrew and me.

(London, England 2007)

We're actually almost done with the vegetarian month being 3 1/2 weeks in.
We were hoping to to replace meat with fruits and veggies
and have a healthier, more balanced diet.
It hasn't been as hard as I expected it to be
and I was able to discover some meals I love
like black bean burgers, zucchini enchiladas, and spinach/garlic/tomato pizza.
(Hornsea, England 2007)

For our biggest loser competition we weigh-in every Wednesday night for 5 weeks.
Loser plans a surprise date for the other.
Winner gets $40 fun money.

So far I'm in the lead (2 weeks in)!
It was Andrew's idea and I'm all for a little motivation
since I'm not currently training for a race right now.
(moat on a beautiful estate in Hull, England 2007)

I'm curious - what new diets or
silly competitions with your spouse have you done?


  1. John and I can't work out together. We're both competitive and I have more exercise background.

    It sounds like fun though!

  2. I love the photos of England. I wish we could have seen more when we were there. I find for us, spousal competition is thorny. Good luck though. Summer is definitely the time to go veggie.