Saturday, June 25, 2011

English Vintage family photos

Here are some of the family pictures!
They say a picture says a 1000 words so instead of explain each one
I will let the picture say it all.
This one of Elliot and Avery holding hands is my all time favorite!
Such a precious moment.
In this picture Andrew is pointing at England and Elliot is pointing at AZ.
I made Avery's dress and hat specifically for these pictures.
I also made Elliot's vest and bow tie.
Making them added a personal touch to these pictures.
And there you have it!
I specifically asked Ashley to take a lot of candid photos. I didn't want every picture to be too planned out. That's because I wanted to capture my family just the way we are. They really turned out wonderful! I couldn't be more pleased.
Now that I have updated photos
I can print and frame them for my house.
Can't wait!
p.s. what's your favorite picture?

{photos by Betty Photography.}


  1. You have a beautiful family! Those are awesome pictures!

  2. I like any picture that has the beautiful Marilyn Freeman in it. Nothing more to say than that :)

  3. Wow, talk about gorgeousness. I would love to kiss you. I may have to get permission from your husband

  4. I love these pictures. They are so your family. :)

  5. I like the natural light one with everyone and a red suitcase in it!

  6. Oh my word marilyn these turned out so good! I love the character and mood that you created. I love them!