Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween disapointments

I'm a little disappointed in myself about Halloween this year.
I was late to the church party because my camera memory card was full so I had to transfer all my pictures to the computer before leaving the house. Once that was done I realized my camera batteries were dead. Not to worry - I had an extra set in my camera case. Well darn, I forgot to charge those so they were also dead.
No camera.
Not only no camera, no costume!
Mr. Freeman ended up being what he was last year - Clark Kent, Elliot was Woody but refused to wear his hat by the time my batteries were charged, Avery was a lady bug, and I was my usual self - a busy mom.
I was planning on sewing her a Pebbles Flinstone costume until last minute I ran out of time so I ended up buying hers which ended up being perfect since, after all, she is my little Avery Bug.
Oh well. Next year will be better planned out.
I hope.

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