Wednesday, November 3, 2010

No more laziness!!!

I know myself, but you don't know me but I'm one those people that need something to motivate me to do something I want to or should be doing.
For example, I am not a very fashionable person but I want to dress better. Therefore, I use What are you Wearing Wednesday to motivate me to dress better. I was inspired by Niki's blog and thought "Hey - I can do that too.". So here I am making an effort and getting better. I've been learning to dress better for myself, despite whether I stay home with the kids all day or not.
Here goes another week of what I'm wearing to try to dress better and not be lazy.
Avery on the go - as usual.
These photos were taken on Halloween. I wanted her to wear Halloween colors to church but I didn't want any black so she could still wear them up until Thanksgiving.
top - Target (recent purchase) I added the pumpkin.
skirt - made by me, I like how it looks sort of pilgrim-y so it should be perfect for Thanksgiving.
shoes - Target

This outfit is me trying to dress better. I don't have very many dresses (just two, I think). I know, lame. Dresses are great because they're comfy and easy. You don't have to worry about having a top and a bottom to put together. I'm also really bad about necklaces. I don't have very many and whenever I go out to buy one I always come home with a pair of earrings. I never know what to get that will go with the clothes I have. This time I feel fully committed to my necklace. I didn't spend too much money so I won't feel bad if I forget to wear it much. I also picked the first necklace that stood out to me. No second guessing. It wastes time. Why pick something I'm not sure about? So here I go.
dress - Blossom, recent purchase, I love this dress because the colors are so me and so fall. (I added lace to the bottom of this dress for extra length.) On a side note, I had a friend ask me if I made this dress. How sweet! I don't think I'm that good as sewing yet, but it's a project I'll definitely have to do in the future!
necklace - Forever 21, recent purchase
shoes - I can't remember.
undershirt - Forever 21

If you're me and are too afraid or too wishy washy to try something different, just do it! You won't regret it!

P.S. I posted another outfit here.

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  1. Girl! You need to take your own advice and put it to use with a hat. I'm rooting you on.

    I especially love Avery's skirt and your shoes.