Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bubbles on Sunday

These pictures were taken on Sunday while I was still fasting. Have you ever fasted the day after doing a triathlon before? No? Well, I wasn't as hungry as I expected but I didn't have very much energy. Blowing bubbles was about all I could do to play with my kids. It was very diverting.

Miss Avery is becoming quiet the model. It's funny watching her pose for the camera. She'll stand there for a minute and make a cute face and then get distracted by a rock or the chickens and all my chances of getting a good picture are gone.

I think Avery loves this outfit as much I as I do. Especially the necklaces. Her outfit is so feminine with all the ruffles. Even her tights have ruffles on the bum.
cardigan - Old Navy
dress - Target, recent purchase
tights - gifted
pearls - gifted
green necklace - D-SIGNS custom jewelery
So check this out. ^ ^ ^ The skirt I'm wearing is vintage and actually had a built in pantyliner or bloomer or something. Either way I had to cut it out to be comfortable and to wear a slip.
top - clothing exchange
under shirt - Down East Basics
skirt - clothing exchange
necklace - Miss Selfridge
shoes - ?

Of course, all of this is part of What are you wearing Wednesday. So what are you wearing?

1 comment:

  1. avery and evie have twinner dresses!

    you two are looking fab.

    next week: hat! jk. hey, at least you tried it on...baby steps. ;)