Monday, September 27, 2010

Embrace the Season

My flowers that were planted in July are dead. Since my dead flowers were making my front lawn look worse than a cemetery it was time for them to go. Seeing the flowers reminds me of the change of season.
Even though it is now fall we are still hitting the triple digits so I thought I'd embrace this heat and have some fun before it gets too cold. Fun for me was soaking my kids.
Our toenails match. I know it's cheesy but having a daughter and being able to do things like this are another thing I embrace in life.
If you passed my house around 2:45 today you would have seen two little white bums from the stripping after the soaking. Pictures have been withheld.
When I went to Michaels last week I talked to this lady who was nearly at tears talking about how much Autumn is her favorite time of year. Isn't Autumn amazing? The colors, the leaves, the smell of cinnamon, and pumpkins. Embrace this time of year. Happy Fall!

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