Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Brewery

Yesterday my family and I ate at Gordon Biersch, a restaurant on Mill Avenue, in Tempe. It's known for it's brewery with great booze therefore we had to go. Not! Mr. Freeman won a gift voucher there at work. We've been there before on a lunch date. This time I didn't cut his hand on a glass. (It was a sheer accident, I promise!) Our table was rickety and I knocked his glass over and he tried to catch it just as it broke on the wall.
Speaking of Mr. Freeman, he always calls the most palatable foods to him "gorgeous".
Example: "Mmmm - this bangers and mash is gorgeous! Is there enough for thirds?"
I think it's an English think because his family says it too. Well, even though he didn't use the word "gorgeous" last night to describe the food, I know that's how he felt. The food was very appetizing.

Mr. Freeman also has a thing about ordering a burger any where we go if it's on the menu. This time I followed his example. He ordered some BBQ burger and I got the swiss mushroom burger. The kids had pizza. Actually, Miss Avery pretty much just had ketchup as you see above. That was before the dessert came.
For dessert we choose the only two desserts that had chocolate in them. The chocolate cake may have been bigger but the brownie was so much better! That is, if you're into rich chocolate gooie-ness with vanilla ice cream.
Yea - it didn't last long.
Miss Avery was the messiest. She takes after me with my chocolate obsession. She ate the brownie like nobody's business! It even got worse after this. If you go to this restaurant request an outdoor seat to avoid noisy bar and open kitchen inside.

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