Thursday, April 12, 2012

things once forgotten

Today I found myself looking through an old shoe box of letters and papers from 6+ years ago.  My mind was flooded with memories.  Things I thought I'd never forget about but I did.  There was a letter from NAU congratulating Andrew on making the Dean's list.  A letter from one of the sister missionaries who taught Andrew when he was investigating the church after she got transferred.  A letter my best friend told me to open on the plane when I moved to England.  A card "from" Elliot on my first Mother's Day after he was born. Andrew's baptism program and other such important papers to me.  But mostly there were love letters from me to Andrew with lots of doodles and stickers.  I only read a handful before I got tired of reading all my "I love you's".  I wish I were better at expressing myself because the letters were rather redundant.  I'm still glad I kept them.  It made me want to search for pictures from that time.
Andrew and I lived apart for a year while we were dating.  They say long-distance relationships make or break a couple.  For us we grew stronger.  It was during that time I decided I wanted to marry Andrew.  That I couldn't imagine a future without him.  It's been a struggle having Andrew in school the last couple years.  I really look forward to having more time to date and do things together.  How appropriate that I found that box today because it's our 6 year wedding anniversary this Saturday.  It reminded me how romantic Andrew can be and how I used to get butterflies every time we held hands.  I feel like I forgot how to "date" my husband.  Too often we go to a restaurant just to eat as fast as we can and move on to the next thing.  What happened to gazing into each other's eyes closing out the world around us, holding hands and just talking about us - not the kids or anything else.  I know I'm a romantic but I miss just talking with Andrew.  It's hard to find time for us these days.  Well, only 4 weeks and 2 days until graduation.  Not that I'm counting :)

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  1. This is my favorite blog post you have ever done. But just to clarify, you went through my things? :)