Saturday, October 22, 2011

week review

Looking back I've had a nice week.
I worked out 6 times and feel better for it.
I got some fall decorations up and let the kids pick all the pumpkins.
I got these beautiful flowers for my front door.
I made this yummy pizza and put all the veggies and mushrooms I wanted on my half.
Andrew and I got to see baby #3! Do you see those cute little feet?
(p.s. We're not finding out the gender until baby's birthday. We already have at least one boy name we like but are stumped for girl's names. We're a little picky but do you have any suggestions for interesting names?)
Today I didn't even have to cook because Andrew little up a fire and cooked hot dogs for the kids while I had left over homemade chili from last night.
I even got to do some clothes shopping for the kids and me today.
So fun, but would have been better without the kids there!
I was a little impatient :)
So how was your week?

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