Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sister photo shoot

A few weeks ago some of my sisters and sister-in-laws did a fashion photo shoot just for fun.
Emily and Louise were the only absent. Kristy, Nora, Sara, Ruth, Julie, and I all had a lot of fun!
It was all Kristy's idea and she got the inspiration from this vogue cover shoot.
Our pictures aren't as dramatic or extreme but I think they turned out well.
What do you think? I'm glad I had a little belly to show off in a couple of the pictures.
I have such a beautiful family!


  1. How fun to see so many of you girls, all grown up and just too beautiful. The Vogue models will be jealous when they see you. The only problem is that it makes me feel old.

  2. You all look gorgeous! I love your baby bump!