Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a brief lament

Louise, my sister who lives with me, was going to the post office today and offered to save me a trip and mailed a birthday package for my father-in-law (his b-day is on Valentine's Day!) and buy some stamps. Can you believe that a small package of 30 pictures and a birthday card to England cost about $6?! Not only that, but the price for a normal letter to England was raised from 98 cents to $1.05. For real? It only cost 88 cents back when Andrew and I had our long-distance dating relationship! That wasn't that long ago. I don't even want to think about how much shipping baby announcements are going to be.
A few weeks ago I ordered some pijamas for Elliot off amazon and somehow, without realizing it, I accidentally shipped it to Andrew's parent's address. It cost $53 just in shipping. I didn't even notice until the next week. No wonder it was taking so long to ship! I feel so dumb for making such a big mistake. Not only did I pay a fortune to ship them to Andrew's parent's but now they have to pay to ship them to my house (we couldn't get a refund). Those are by far the most expensive pj's I've ever bought! I blame everything on my pregnancy! Have you ever made a mistake like that before? Aren't shipping costs outrageous?!

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