Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{valentine} party ♥

This year I gave a Valentine's Party for my kids. Partly because we won't be having a b-day party for Avery in April because we'll be out of town, but mostly to have fun on Valentine's Day and make some memories with family and friends.

So this is what we did . .

Everyone brought {Valentines} to exchange.
Instead of buying Valentines Elliot used some leftover from last year and I helped Avery print some free online and I used some to decorate the valentines boxes.
My sister, Julie, was in charge of {face painting}.
Even I couldn't resist some hearts on my face.
I think Elliot's heart was perfect for about 30 seconds. Ha!
What's a party without some {cookie} decorating?
I'm still cleaning up sprinkles but it was worth it!
To practice my sewing skills and make this party
a little more memorable I made {bows} for the girls
and {bow ties} for the boys.

The girls looked so adorable!
And the boys looked so handsome!

All in all everyone had so much fun (even the moms).
I'm definitely doing it again next year.

I hope you had a memorable day too!

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