Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What I'm grateful for

I said I would catch up and here I am. I missed sharing Thanksgiving photos and things I'm grateful for so I'll do it now.
I'm grateful for my son! Such a cheeky monkey but he's such a sweetie.

(The day after Thanksgiving hiking the piralta trail.)
I'm grateful for my daughter. So much character for one so little.
(Thanksgiving morning at grandma and grandpa's.)
I am so grateful for a healthy body.
(Just before running the Mesa Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I ran it for the fourth time and did it the fastest. 6.2 miles in less than 55 minutes!)
I'm grateful for my HOT husband. Doesn't he look so striking in this photo?
(Lunch date on my birthday 11/24.)
I don't have a picture but I am also very grateful for my viola. My orchestra concert was last week and it was so fun. I feel like I have really improved in some ways the past few months and it feels good since I haven't had private lessons for several years now.
I'm also grateful for babies. I held my friend's baby tonight who is not even a day and a half old and he was so tiny! Newborns have a way of bringing joy and perspective in your life.
Lastly, I am grateful for clothes. I probably sound shallow but I need to tie in What are You Wearing Wednesday somehow.
granny cardigan - clothing exchange (I seriously wear this all the time with everything! It's so comfy.)
top - Kohl's, (I think they still sell this top)
earrings - Kohl's
belt - Anthropologie
skirt - found at my parent's and added lace to the bottom
nylons - Forever 21, recent purchase
shoes - Payless

What are you grateful for this joyous season?

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