Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite outfit

Wednesday has come around again and that means it's time for What are you wearing Wednesday. Niki welcomes everyone to join in, so please do!

I'm really excited to share this outfit because I think it's my favorite right now.
It's so me!
I love the detail, the pattern, and the colors.
The price was pretty good too.
pearl cluster earrings: Forever 21 - $1.50 (full price.)
cardigan - Forever 21 - $16 (sale)
yellow dress - Forever 21 - $12 (sale) I added the lace to the bottom as I often do to dresses just a touch too short.
green belt - thrifted - $1
shoes - I can't remember but I
♥ them.

Aren't great deals the best?! They just make my world.

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