Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday

This is my first summer pregnancy in Arizona and I'm feeling it.  Elliot was born in July but we lived in England so the weather was ideal.  Avery was April, Zara was February which was just perfect!  I'll be the first to admit that this pregnancy wasn't my idea.  The timing, that is.  I was going to wait until after this England trip to start talking about it with Andrew, but Heavenly Father had other plans.  As hard as this summer pregnancy is, September really is the perfect time to have this baby.  We'll be settled into the new school schedule with Elliot in 2nd grade, Avery doing half day Kindergarten and Zara at home with me.  When the baby comes we'll start a new chapter in our lives - family of 6.  And hopefully by next summer I'll get the hang of having four kids.  Four kids.  It still sounds daunting.  But it's what we really want and our hearts will grow even bigger than we can imagine with the coming of this second son.  I'm 26 weeks in these pictures.
double knotted top - Anthropologie
pencil skirt - H&M
leather sandals - Last Chance
geo necklace - Forever 21
bracelet - H&M
flower earrings - made by me
favorite lipstick - Revlon Kiss Me Coral
undershirt - Down East Basics

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