Monday, July 14, 2014

birthday boy!

Elliot turned seven today!  It's a really big deal over here.  A lot has happened since Andrew and I became parents.  We are so proud of our big boy.  We were going to have a party at the lake on Saturday before Andrew left for Seattle yesterday but we had to cancel because Elliot started throwing up and continued for two days straight.  Thankfully he was much better today so we could make all the rounds of free food.  Elliot is such an amazing little guy.  He has a great memory, he's a natural leader, always thinking of ways to make money and starting new businesses, he has such a huge imagination, and is a little bit of a perfectionist.  So much potential and drive.
Andrew and I like to say that personality-wise Elliot has the best of Andrew and the worst of me.  By that we mean he's stubborn like me and driven like Andrew.  Speaking of his Dad, he is so proud of Andrew and his English heritage.  We're so excited to go to Andrew's and Elliot's home country next week!  Since I don't do this every time I thought I'd share a glimpse at Elliot's life through a ton of photos.  I'm mindful that he will be baptized in a year and this is his last year of just being a boy, before the age of accountability.
This last photo was this first time we captured his smile, probably only a few days old.  It's very special to us.  We are so lucky to be Elliot's parents!

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