Monday, July 7, 2014

Sycamore Creek

How was your Independence Day weekend?  We really enjoyed having a three day weekend with Daddy.  On Friday morning we went swimming with all our family who are in town and got a little burned through the overcast sky.  Then that night we had a last minute family BBQ with whoever didn't have plans and wanted to come.  We put the kids to bed at normal time and just before Andrew and I went to sleep we watched the downtown Mesa fireworks from our backyard.  It was magical, and probably the high light of my day.  I felt a little bad the kids didn't see any fireworks but they were just so tired.  Maybe next year!
We haven't gone on a family vacation since last Spring when Andrew's work had their annual partners' meetings in CA.  It was a quick three day vacation that just flew by and seems forever ago now.  Even though we're going to England in just two short weeks I have had major wanderlust all year.  On Saturday we went with my Dad to Sycamore Creek, near Sunflower, and it helped satisfy my need to get out of town.
Even though we've been living in a drought and it's off season for creeks we were able to find a little water.  Elliot and Avery made little damns with rocks for the tadpoles.  We all threw rocks around.  We saw lizards, a road runner, beetles, a quail, and I even almost walked into a rattle snake!  Thankfully no one got hurt.
We all look forward to going back again in the fall when there will be more water.  Maybe next year we'll even camp at Sycamore Creek.  Saturday afternoon we went to Sunsplash using our Pogo pass.  Elliot was tall enough to go on a lot of the rides and that was his favorite, while Avery and Zara liked the little kid slide area, and Andrew and I preferred the lazy river.  On Sunday Andrew had less meetings so he could skype his family and last night we went to Elmina's baby blessing at Ammon's parent's house.  I guess I haven't posted about Elmina here yet but she is Ammon and Ruth's baby.  Yesterday she was one month and one day old.  Such a sweet little thing. 
 So yep!  We had a wonderful and memorable three day weekend!  Happy Monday!

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