Monday, October 29, 2012

Boutique in the Barn

Recently Andrew got to participate in a Boutique as a vendor.  I know, it may sound surprising that Andrew has something to sell to moms, but it is an amazing product.  Earlier this year he and my brother, Chris, started a business selling Soapy Nuts, an organic laundry detergent.  It's all I use to do laundry!
Soapy Nuts appeals to me not because my husband sells it, but because it is better for the environment, easy to use, and costs less than commercial detergent.  You can read more about it's benefits here and if you're interested, try a sample!
If you have any questions about Soapy Nuts feel free to ask!


  1. I liked my sample but I couldn't get them to stay in the cute little bag to save my life! I lost half of them to find them inconveniently in pockets and other strange places. (P.S. they survived the dryer just fine). I want to know if you use them for blow outs. I just didn't quite trust them to get the job done for the poop covered crib sheet. Have you given them a whirl in the feces department? How did it go?

  2. Marilyn will get you a new sample. We had an issue with some of the bags that didn't do a good job of keeping the nuts inside. In terms of the poops, I will wait for Marilyn to ask for that. What I would say is they have the same cleaning strength as Tide. If that will work, so will these.