Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Santa came to our house last night! We asked him to come early since we're going to be out of town :) We chose today to open presents so the kids had a couple days to play with their new toys before leaving everything behind to fly on Friday.

Below is Andrew reading out all the things Elliot got last year. I think Christmas is good for Andrew's heart. He's been sending me love texts all day and he's so happy.
Instead of writing "From: Andrew" on every present he gave me Andrew wrote a different endearing nickname. Here are the things he wrote:
"From: Sugar Plum, Dream Lover, Steely Buns, "The" One!, Hot Stuff, Dream Boat, Mr. Right, and Hot Lips". It gave me something to look forward to and laugh about with each present.
The kids love everything they got (whew!) so it was a wonderful family experience. Every Christmas gets better with kids!

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