Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a Christmas story

Monday night was the Stapley Family's first annual Nativity play with the grandkids. It was Kristy's idea. Grandpa (my dad) was narrator, Nora and Garrett were Mary and Joseph. The kids were all shepherds, wisemen, sheep, and angels with DJ and James to fill out the nativity scene and help the kids, and everyone sang the hymns in between the narrations. It was seriously hilarous!

Pretty much nothing went right. Costumes were falling apart, Josie kept trying to kiss baby Jesus, the kids were all over the place, but I think that's what made it perfect. What family Nativity goes just the way you plan it? The spirit was felt and the message conveyed so ultimately the night was a success. Afterwards everyone ate yummy food. I made my first cheese ball (actually three) borrowing a friend's recipe and it was also a success. Does your family do a Nativity scene too?

This morning we're opening presents so the kids have a couple days to play with them before we head out to England. I hope all goes well! Andrew has been anticipating this more than anyone. He's such a kid when it comes to presents :)

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