Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the traveling shirt

Hi everyone!
Isn't today such a great day!
I'm in a good mood right now . . . if you couldn't tell.

Today I am wearing the traveling shirt!; a little but like these traveling pants, but not really, but sort of. I call it the pin wheel shirt because, well, that's kind of what it looks like. I believe I'm the 5th in my family to get it.

Today I'm layering the pin wheel shirt with a cute cardigan and I think my over all outfit turned out all right. Sorry there are no full body pictures of me. Today I am model and photographer.

Oh, and don't forget to notice the freckles on my nose.
I am so proud of them!
I adore freckles!
Normally my freckles only come out in the summer when I swim a lot but this time they're lasting all year round! I don't understand why so many people protest against freckles.
Boo to clear skin.
Freckles add character!

hair - tutorial on the top knot.
cardigan - Target
pin wheel shirt - clothing exchange (originally Maurices)
earrings - made by yours truly
shades - H&M
flower pin - made by yours truly
necklace - gifted
comfiest most favorite jeans - fashion x-cess
shoes - Target

You know, I really aught to start featuring Elliot in WYWW more often but the truth is, a lot of his clothes are second hand from his cousin so I don't need to buy a lot of clothes for him. I guess that can be a goal of mine - to dress him better so I can share his handsome outfits. That's the great thing about this decade - there are lots of nice clothes for girls and for boys.

For now, here's Avery.

What is with kids and boots? Once they get their first pair you can never get them to take them off . . . um, well . . except when you don't want them to like at the park, or right before you need to take them somewhere.

heart shirt - The Children's Place
floral coat - gifted
necklace - boutique
headband - made by yours truly
heart leggings - Old Navy - recent purchase
boots - Once Upon a Child (originally Walmart)

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  1. love everything about this post. your earrings and hair esp :)