Tuesday, February 12, 2013

this never happens

Are you ready for Valentines Day in  two days?  This year Andrew humored me by participating in a Valentine advent calendar.  Cheesy, I know, but we've had lots of fun.  We wrote a list of things we love about each other, drew a picture for each other, told a story we don't already know about each other, played a game, and attempted to watch a chick flick together, among other things.  Over the weekend Andrew surprised me by buying me some flowers.  Ok, ok I asked him to but I didn't expect them early.  I think he choose well.  Honestly, neither of us are huge Valentines Day buffs but why not mix things up a little bit.  We will be having our Valentine date tomorrow, a day early, (that's when a babysitter was available) and we plan on eating at Spinatos Pizza for the first time.  Any menu recommendations?

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