Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the little gardener

Elliot planted some carrots and we didn't expect much from them.  It was a bit of a shock to pull them out and see some decent carrots!  Elliot was thrilled, of course, so I made a big deal of it.  We picked them together, oo'd and aah'd at the bigger ones, dragged a chair over to the kitchen sink so Elliot could wash them (he insisted!) while Avery watched, and then we all trimmed the greenery.  He even covered them up so he could surprise Daddy when he came home.  That would have worked if he didn't trip in the process.
The best part is I didn't have anything to do with him planting the carrots.  He just found a packet of seeds and asked to plant them, which he did, and I forgot about them for a few months.  Can you imagine if they were regularly watered and fertilized?  I guess I'm saying I should have a little more faith in that little boy.  He can do anything he puts his mind to!


  1. They look wonderful! Whenever I get stressed about gardening, I try and remember that very little is from my contribution. Some times it really is as simple as dropping some seeds in the ground. Way to go Elliot!

  2. Actually, thinning them would probably have been all they needed to get larger. This is how gardeners are born. Ask Alicia about her first efforts. She still remembers them and cherishes her garden now.