Sunday, February 3, 2013

fabric stamping tutorial

 I've been in the need for a good craft lately and this project was perfect.  The great thing about fabric stamping is the possibilities are endless.  You can stamp a shirt, skirt, dress . . . , choose your color, pick any shape.  It's a  wonderful way to personalize an item of clothing.  All you need is fabric paint, fabric of choice, paint brush, craft foam (I used a styrofoam plate), scissors, and glue.

1// cut craft foam  in desired shape and glue shape on a larger piece of craft foam 2 // paint stamp with brush  3// stamp fabric, make sure you have cardboard underneath fabric in case it bleeds through (I would recommend practicing on a scrap piece of fabric to know how much paint you need) 4//  if you're stamping a shirt let it dry fully before stamping the back

^ ^ I experimented with whiskers or a cat face but felt it look better on its own. ^ ^
Not sure why I was so nervous painting the first stamp but once I started there was no going back.  The best part about this project is that Avery really loves it!  I just found a shirt for Zara that would be perfect for fabric stamping!  But what stamp shape?  I was thinking stars and polka dots.  Fun and simple!

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