Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween was a busy, long, fun day.  We're still in recovery mode from sugar overload, sleep deprivation  and a messy house but I managed to get the kids to eat part of their dinner before all the fun and Elliot and Avery can boast of a decent amount of candy considering they only went trick-or-treating to about 5 houses.

Yesterday morning we went to the Zoo with some friends while Elliot was at Kindergarten.
That got a little interesting towards the end.
After dinner we visited Lita in costume.  It's a tradition.
After that we went to a party and visited my parents and hurried on home to bed by 9:30.
Here are our two attempts of a family picture.
Andrew dressed up as a corporate pirate.  He wore it to work sans "facial hair". I'm a black swan.  I made the mask last minute.  Not bad!  Elliot is Iron man, Avery is an angel, and Zara a monkey.  Here's us last year.

October was an amazing month but I really look forward to November!

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