Thursday, July 7, 2011

inspiration board: modcloth skirts

With the weather being so hot and humid it only makes sense to wear skirts and dresses. I can't believe the while summer is ahead of us! About a year ago I made my first skirt and I've been itching to make more ever sense. I just keep getting caught up in other projects. That reminds me; I sewed another dress for Avery! It turned out great but I have no pictures yet so I'll show it off next week. Modcloth had so many cute skirts that it was hard to narrow it down. The black one would be so cute for my orchestra concerts! As far as my current sewing projects, I'm working on two dresses for me. The first one was thrifted and I'm in the middle of tailoring it to fit me and the other is the first dress I've sewn for me. I thought I'd be easy since I've sewn few for Avery but boy was a wrong!

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