Monday, June 5, 2017


 We pretty much plan to pool hop all summer so this is the norm.  Today we chose Mesa High pool and took cousins!  Josie and Jason came as well as Mo Childers (Elliot's primary friend and the son of a good friend of mine) and his brother Danny joined us at the end.  It might have just been me with 8 kids but it went remarkably well.
^ ^ Avery and Zara's matching swimsuits from here. ^ ^
 ^ ^ headed to the lazy river ^ ^
 ^ ^ The line-up, before Danny joined us. ^ ^
^ ^ Rupert is always my little buddy.  I'm really enjoying my pedicure too! ^ ^
Half the time all Rupert wanted to do was snuggle under the towel and eat snacks.  I don't blame him! :)  Since we had a swim pass last summer I plan to bring more friends with us this summer so the kids don't get bored so fast.  

So far we have filled our summer with swim lessons, swim team, and swim pass, as well as Elliot's summer band, and friend time.  Something I want to make more time for is reading.  This is something we have started but not been consistent yet.  The library summer reading program should help.  I also want to us our pogo pass at least once a week and maybe do a craft or science project once a week. Am I being to ambitious? :)  We'll see!

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