Saturday, June 3, 2017

an English dinner

^ ^ we watched DJ and Sara's kids tonight ^ ^
Tonight we had the elders over for dinner.  We have had the elders over a lot more the last 9 months and have loved it.  Earlier this year they came over weekly to teach us lessons. Once for us, and once for a girl in senior primary who isn't baptized yet.  We even had the elders over Christmas Day last year!  Very memorable and special.

 Elder Harlow, next to Sterling, is from Leeds England so it's been nice having another Yorkshire man around.  We had sherperd's pie and trifle tonight per his request.  Elder Stumpf, on the far right, has been here longer and we think he's fun.  We feel so blessed to have the missionaries in our home. :)
These strawberries from Costco were divine!  I had to share a photo because they made me happy.  When you're off sugar you turn to nature's candy!  Back to the shepherd's pie, I actually made two recipes tonight.  The traditional one everyone at and loved, and the paleo one for me that I love.  Also, here's the trifle recipe I used today.  I've used this recipe before and it has a good balance of flavor and is similar to an English trifle, which is what I was shooting for.
This morning I treated myself to my fourth(?) ever pedicure today!  My first two were with Claire here in AZ, the third time for my mom's birthday last year, and today.  As an under buyer it always seemed like a lot of money for getting your nails painted.  I mean, nail polish only costs a couple bucks, right?!  Well I've decided it's worth the pampering and my feet kinda needs it in this desert heat. *cough* cracked heals *cough* :/  I don't remember the name of this color but it is OPI and looks like a deep watermelon color in person.  It said summer all over it so I grabbed it.  Somehow I think having cute nails will make me more confident in my bathing suit this summer! ;)

Lot's of rambling today.  I don't journal this stuff but wanted to remember these little things so there you go! :)

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  1. I have the same issue with pedicures. So expensive! But SO nice. The massage chairs get me.