Wednesday, March 2, 2016

PHX Half Marathon

I ran my second half marathon on Saturday!  It's so satisfying to say that.  It's been 5 years since my last half marathon, which means I've had two kids since then, I'm five years older, 20 lbs. heavier...  I wrote about my last one here.  Last time I had the advantage of training and running the race with my cousin, Liz.  Since she currently lives in Tucson that wasn't an option this time.  Fortunately I was able to run with friends in my ward during the week.  I loosely followers this 26 week training schedule.  This article was also very helpful leading up to the actual race.
Since December Dad and I have been training hills in Las Sendas.  Dad on his bike and me running.  This picture was from our first or three 11 mile Saturdays.  It was so hard but helped me so much mentally and physically train.  The last two weeks before the race I tapered down my runs, but the week before that I made a new PR(personal record) of miles run in a week.  Previously I ran 30 but this time I ran 31!  To do that I ran 11 miles Saturday morning and 2 miles that night.
I've been using the the app Runkeeper which maps my run.  During the run it tells me my average pace and current distance every 5 minutes.  I can also compare my pace for each mile and look at the elevation.  I highly recommend this app if you are a runner.  Plus its free.
Dad and Mom drove Daniel McKay and me to the buses that took us to the finish at 4:15 in the morning!  The race started at 6:30, and my hands were shaking out of nerves the last few minutes.  All the anticipation! Dan encouraged me to sign up so it was cool starting the race together.  His wife, Brooke, and I are good friends and are even in the Primary Presidency together right now.
We started near the front so there were a lot of people passing us but I told myself to keep a steady pace but push myself so I could enjoy the race and have a good overall time.
Dan didn't give up on and and we were able to run the whole race together and sprint at the end!!!  It was such a good feeling.  Andrew was sad to have barely missed me but Brooke was at the finish with her boys and mom and even snapped this photo of us.  We did it!
This happened to be my 150th activity recorded.  I also use it for biking.
I was hoping to run in around 2:10-2:20 so it was exciting to see it at 2:06:45.  About 5 minutes slower than last time but it was just right for the training I did.
There were so many people i knew who ran the whole, half, or 10k including Jonny and Amy.  They ran the half too!
Here are my little cheerleaders!  Elliot did the traditional #1 that Andrew normally does and Avery had the cutest sign. 
This is the start of a 5 year thing the race is doing where each year represent one of Arizona's 5c's.  The 5 medals put together make a star.  This year is copper.  Can't say I'm not tempted to run all 5 years.  In fact, yesterday I signed up to run the full marathon next year!  Hard to believe but now it's official.  Well, i guess nothing as official until i actually run the race!
I know this is gross ^^^ but this is my battle would, so I'm a little proud.  Turns out I wore a hole in my sock that chaffed most of the race.  Lesson learned: where new socks next time.  :)


  1. I'm so proud of you! I normally toss the medals from races because I don't know what to do with them, but the idea of them fitting together to make a star makes me want to own them all!

    1. I keep all my medals so the five year star is tempting...