Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rupert birth story

Rupert is coming up to two weeks old and it's gone by quick!
Before too much time passes I wanted to share his birth story.  Naturally each one has been so different.  Elliot was born in a hospital in England, delivered by midwives.  I had gas and air and then an epidural.  He was my biggest baby at 7 lbs. 12 1/2 ounces and I tore with him so healing too longer.  Avery was born at Banner Desert Hospital and Dr. Holmes delivered her.  I had an epidural and she was smallest at 6 lbs. 7 ounces.  Zara was my first natural delivery and we didn't know her gender.  She was born at Mercy Gilbert Hospital and came before the midwife arrived but thankfully a nurse came in just in time to catch her.  My waters broke the same time she came out and she was 6 lbs. 9 ounces.

Since Zara's natural delivery went so well I knew I wanted to have another natural delivery with this pregnancy.  This time with the midwives at The Birth Haven in Gilbert which just opened up a year ago.  This pregnancy was different from the others because my morning sickness wasn't as bad.  I was heavier this time and I felt it.  I also had a lot of round ligament pains and started having Braxton Hicks daily since 30 weeks.  At 37 weeks I was dilated to one cm and 70% effaced.  At 38 and 39 weeks I was dilated to three cm and 80% effaced.  Since the girls came a week and a half early I really expected him to come earlier. 
^ ^ The tiniest little goosebumps after a bath. ^ ^

The day before he was born I had a lot of Braxton Hicks all day.  Like every seven minutes most of the day.  They never hurt so by the end of the day I just went to bed.  During the night every half hour or so I woke up to a little pain.  I was in pre-labor.  They could have gone away any minute so I tried to sleep through them.  During the night Avery came to our room so Andrew took her back to bed and fell asleep with her.  When he got back it was 3:45 and I told Andrew I was started to have some contractions but to go back to bed.  At that point I started to breathe through my contractions.  Half an hour I woke Andrew up and said to start getting things ready.  Not long after that I asked him to call my Dad to watch the girls.  By the time Dad got there I was ready to go.  Before leaving the house I even had a couple contractions where I started to feel the urge to push but knew I wasn't ready yet.  I didn't worry about delivering in the car because my body was going to wait until it was in the position I've delivered all my babies in.

It took less than 20 minutes to get to the birthing center.  I had a contraction in the car when I got there.  I went in and headed straight for the bed in my room and had another mild contraction.  Andrew went for the luggage and I had another contraction.  This time I felt the urge to push again.  Andrew made it back in time for my next contraction where I turned to my back and pushed.  His head can first with a little effort, then the rest of his body slid out.  My waters broke at the same time, similar to Zara's delivery.  They put the baby on my lower abdomen (he had a short umbilical cord) until Andrew cut the cord and I held him skin to skin.

Rupert Francis was born two days early at 5:47am, 7 lbs. 6 ounces.  He was here!  After birthing there are a lot of emotions.  I was so happy to be done, happy it went well and that I didn't tear.  Happy not to be pregnant and to have a beautiful baby boy.  So proud of myself for delivering naturally again and proud of Andrew and me for making such a sweet baby.  Just soaking in the moment.  Andrew and the midwives told me I did a great job and it was nice to hear that.  Such a long journey.  I now hold the record at the birthing center of fastest delivery upon arrival, something like 6 minutes.  Pretty cool.
It's getting to the point that pregnancy seems like a distant memory and we're all getting used to having a baby in the house.  He is really loved and the kids are doing great with him, although sometimes I think Zara loves him too much.  Still adjusting a little bit and we haven't made a trip with all of us in the car yet.  That milestone is tomorrow.  Looking back I wasn't emotionally ready to get pregnant when I did.  I wanted to wait a little more.  Now that he's here I know this was the perfect time for Rupert to come.  We need him and we love him so much!

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