Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2014 Halloween

Isn't October such a great month?!  The kids are really excited for Halloween and got to wear their costumes early for a couple Halloween activities we went to last week.  Elliot has wanted to be Robin Hood ever since we went to Sherwood Forest this summer.  Still haven't gotten around to post photos from that trip but it was really fun.  Avery choose Snow White because she wanted to wear makeup and felt pretty with her red lips.  Zara is an angel because it's Avery's old costume.  Thankfully she loves it!

I have a monkey costume for Rupert but it's a bit big.  Speaking of big, I caught this BIG smile on camera last week.  He smiles more than my other babies did their first month and he really is a joy to be around.  He turned one month old on Sunday.  You know they say you take less pictures with each child.  Well, that's not true for him.  His first month is well documented.
Other things that have happened lately was my 10 year high school reunion.  Tear 'em up Westwood!  For being a big milestone it was actually pretty low key.  It was great seeing old friends and I was glad to have Andrew with me.  I heard there will be another one in five years.  I hope so because 10 years is too long.

My sister Julie announced they're expecting again.  My sister-in-law Sara is due in December and I'm glad Julie is continuing family pregnancy chain.  I'm not sure how long it's been going but I picked up after Ruth and last year there were five babies born.  Rupert was grandchild 20 so Julie's makes 22 and the oldest is 8.  It's been great raising our family at the same time as everyone else in the family!

Rupert had his 4 week check up last Thursday and he's growing juuuust fiiiiine.  He was 7lbs. 6oz. at birth and weighed in at 9lbs. 8oz. at the appointment. I'm a little sad he's growing so fast but also appreciating the fact that some babies are born bigger than he is now.

Elliot lost his 4th tooth today.  The second big one on top.  He's really proud of the fact that he's the only one that has lost more than one tooth this school year in his class.  You should see his smile :)

Happy Halloween and be safe!

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